Hexarelin — 10mg Hexarelin Acetate

Hexarelin contains 10mg of Hexarelin Acetate.

Hexarelin is a growth hormone stimulating drug. Hexarelin has been shown to slightly increase ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone), cortisol, and prolactin levels. In each case, the intensity appears to be dose dependent. Hexarelin is also noted for increasing appetite. Anecdotally, however, this effect is less pronounced than it is with many of the other GHRPs.

Side Effects

Common side effects to hexarelin therapy include flushing, sweating, sleepiness, reduced REM sleep, increased Gl motility, and increased appetite. Also frequently reported are adverse effects typically associated with other types of growth hormone therapy, such as water retention (edema), joint pain (arthralgias), carpal tunnel syndrome, and numbness or tingling in the extremities. Note that the incidence of side effects tends to be lower with GHRP therapy as compared to traditional hGH. This is because GH/IGF-1 release is subject to endogenous synthesis, and as such the drug is less amenable to overdosing.

The subcutaneous administration of this drug may cause redness, itching, pain, or lumps at the site of injection. Injection site redness and discomfort is sometimes reported with intramuscular injection as well.

Hexarelin may reduce insulin sensitivity and raise blood sugar levels. This may occur in individuals without preexisting diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.


Hexarelin is administered via a subcutaneous injection. It comes in dry powder form to be mixed with bacteriostatic water. 200mcg per day appears to be the best dose for most in terms of benefits, although some may go as high as 400mcg per day. Most data shows benefits of 200mcg per day are not exceeded with higher doses of Hexarelin.

Due to the inactivity that will occur in time, 16 weeks of use max is the general recommendation with a minimum of 4 weeks of no use before starting again. Most users will find 8-12 weeks to be the most effective and beneficial time frame.

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